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Johanna Hughes Photographer

Photography is all about trust...
Sounds like an odd way to start a website doesn't it?
But think about it for a moment. You’ve chosen Queenstown as a location for its variety of stunning scenery. So you can trust that the rugged peaks will be there for perfect backdrops; you can trust that the lakes will sparkle and glisten; you can trust the lush alpine meadows to be just the right shade of

green, and you can trust that whatever the weather’s doing on the day, it’s never going to be dull.

But when you engage a photographer, you’re asking a complete stranger to capture memories or evoke feelings or illustrate scenes, products or buildings the very best way they can.
And that's where it starts at Stellar.
Before we even think about composition, lighting or

direction, we listen. Whether it's wedding photography, commercial projects or conferencing, we need to know what you want the photographs to say, what you want them to reflect and how you want them to communicate.
Then we can apply our skills, years of experience and local knowledge to produce the results you want, which means all you have to do is relax.